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Microwave Egg Cooker Instructions for the Perfect Eggs Every Time

As over 90% of Americans own a microwave oven, you would think they would all know how to do great cooking in them. Sadly, this is not the case, and most people limit their microwave use to heating yesterday's pizza delivery. But there is so much more to do with this device, so why not make the most of it?

This article will offer you a list of microwave egg cooker instructions. With these, you can make some of the simplest meal options without difficulty. So, read on and learn how to make your life that much easier and faster.

We're not yolking.

Your First Microwave Egg Cooker Instructions

One of the first steps you need to take is to ensure you prepare your microwave. As most people rarely clean this device, ensure you give it a good wipe down with a moist cloth to ensure existing flavors will not infuse your food.

You then need to check your microwave. Does it already have an egg-cooking timer, and what does that mean? What does each microwave power and microwave time setting do?

Check your device's instructions menu if you are not sure so that you can get the best results out of the machine. This can often help you understand some of its intricacies, especially if you shell out on a high-quality option.

Prepping the Eggs

Before you cook anything, you have to ensure you prepare the eggs properly.

Select fresh eggs if you can, and make sure their shells are intact before you use them. These are likely to have the best rich taste and a smoother texture. The deeper the orange color of the yolk, the better the egg taste will be.

Crack them gently into a bowl before you use them, checking each one for problems, before transferring them to a larger container.

If you are planning on scrambling the eggs, whisk them with the smallest whisky you have. Ensure the yolk and the egg whites combine to form a smooth liquid without any spottiness in it. This will ensure you have a consistent eggsperience.

You are likely to know your own preferences when it comes to salt, pepper, and spices. Whatever you choose to use, have it ready.

If you are scrambling the eggs, add these extra ingredients now, otherwise wait until they start to cook. This is true for any milk, butter, eggs, or cheese too.

Scrambled Eggs

Pour the beaten eggs into an appropriate container for the microwave. After you do so, stir them gently to distribute any added ingredients. Then, following the microwave's instructions set the time and power to what it recommends.

As you cook the eggs, make sure to check them regularly. It will also be important to remove them and stir them. This will distribute the heat and also ensure your scrambled eggs do not turn into one large, omelet-like block.

When you finish cooking them, remove them from the microwave and allow them to sit for half a minute. This will let the heat even out within the meal. It would be no eggs-aggeration to say this food works with any meal.

Poached Eggs

Ensure you have a poaching cup ready with an egg inside.

Instead of beating the eggs, you will want to have whole eggs before performing these instructions. The first step you want to take is to put distilled or filtered water into a microwave container. Then, microwave the water until it starts to boil.

Remove the water from the microwave, placing the poaching cup in the water, then cover the water and put it back into the microwave. Ensure you run the microwave enough to keep the water boiling, though, and not to cook the egg with the microwave's power.

Once the eggs are cooked, remove them from the microwave and serve them straight away for egg-stra freshness.


Grease a microwave-safe dish lightly. Make sure it is at least the right shape and size for your omelet, if not larger.

Pour the egg mixture into the dish and make sure it spreads out into an omelet shape you would prefer. If you have added any extra ingredients to the egg, make sure these are distributed as you would want them.

Using the microwave's instructions, adjust the time and power to cook the omelet to perfection, then run its cycle. Once the microwave finishes, remove the now-cooked omelet and either fold it with more toppings inside or roll and serve it. Perfect for with an afternoon egg-spresso.

Breakfast Burritos

The first step in this process is to follow the scrambled egg instructions above. This should give you fresh, well-made scrambled eggs. Your next instruction is not to eat them as you continue with the rest of this recipe.

Warm enough tortillas in the microwave, only running it for ten seconds before you check them each time so you ensure you do not overcook them. Then, after removing them from the microwave, spoon the scrambled eggs into the center of each. You can also add other fillings at this point, such as cheeses or meats.

After this, roll up the tortilla and tuck in each of the sides to create the classic burrito shape. If you want, you can even freeze the burritos at this time. They are perfect to return to later, or you might prefer to prepare several to have on later days.

If you choose to bulk-create breakfast burritos, you want them to be in the best condition every time. As such, follow your microwave's instructions for the perfect way to thaw and reheat these for an egg-spress morning meal.

The Best Microwave for the Best Meals

With these microwave egg cooker instructions, you should have everything you need to make the best eggs every morning for the rest of your life. Still, it might not be the eggs or the steps you are taking that are failing you, but the microwave.

Sometimes you need to cook more food at the same time or want a meal heated to perfection instead of dry and chewy. With our unique microwave, you can do both of these things. So, check out our shop and pick one up today, you can't egg-nore a microwave like this!

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