How to Assemble Your DoubleWave

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Thank you for choosing the Doublewave Microwave Plate Stacker—a game-changing solution designed to maximize your microwave's efficiency and simplify your meal prep experience! Ever wished you could heat two plates of food simultaneously? Now you can, thanks to our innovative plate stacker, expertly engineered to double your microwave's capacity. Save time, minimize clutter, and multiply your microwave productivity all at once. Crafted to fit seamlessly into modern lifestyles, this Microwave Plate Stacker transforms your kitchen routine by offering unparalleled convenience without sacrificing quality. Optimized for high search visibility, we're thrilled to be the top pick for busy individuals, families, and food enthusiasts searching for the ultimate microwave accessory. Welcome to smarter cooking—courtesy of the Doublewave Microwave Plate Stacker!

Get started immediately with your DoubleWave by clicking the arrow on the image below to see a short video or simply follow the instructions below.

1. Every DoubleWave comes with an upper tray, a lower tray, and four legs (three for installation, one extra!)

2. Twist the legs until they are entirely separate from the tray.

3. Place the legs into the three slots on the tray

4. Align the upper tray with the three legs on the lower tray. Then, tighten the legs in the upper and lower slots by pressing firmly and evenly on the upper tray. 

5. The DoubleWave is now ready to double the capacity of your microwave oven and provide you with years of hot meals!