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A microwave egg poacher can help you make perfectly cooked poached eggs every time! Learn how this utensil works by clicking here.

About 9 in 10 Americans love eggs and with good reason! They're delicious and have a wide array of health benefits. They raise good cholesterol, help to maintain eyesight, enhance necessary vitamins, are rich in protein, and have heart-healthy properties.They're also convenient to make when you have a microwave egg poacher handy. Read on to learn how to poach eggs in the microwave so they come out perfect and delectable every morning.

Get Your Egg Ready

Any good poached egg recipe begins with top-notch prep work. A quality microwave egg poacher will come in a double-cup design. Crack one egg into each cup. Two eggs make for a filling breakfast or midnight snack.If you want something light and only plan to cook one egg, fill the empty cup with about 3/4 cup of water. Then, take a sharp knife and pierce the yolk of each egg gently. Add half a tablespoon of water on top of each egg. This will see into the yolk so that the egg cooks correctly.

Heat Things Up With Your Microwave Egg Poacher

Add a tiny splash of vinegar to the water in each cup. This will help keep the egg white intact. If you don't do this, the egg might still be okay, but it also might come out stringy and disgusting. It's best to avoid the problem altogether. Put the lid on over the eggs. If you don't do this, you won't contain the steam. The eggs won't cook properly (if they cook at all).If you're only making one egg, set the microwave to HIGH and cook it for 30-45 seconds. If you're going all-out and making the recommended two eggs, it's 45-60 seconds on HIGH. Let them sit in the cups for about 30 seconds after they're done cooking. This lets them settle and ensures that they'll have a nice texture. You can then take them out and eat them.

The Secret to a Perfect Egg

This simple, fool-proof method is a great way to poach eggs in the microwave. But you still may wonder: How do you ensure your eggs are perfect?If you're having trouble controlling how well your eggs are done, ensure you're using hot water in the cups rather than cold water to start. Water from a boiled kettle is ideal. Even if you do this, you might notice that your egg cooks unevenly every time it goes in the poacher. The part you can see will overcook, and the bottom resting in the cup will stay raw. This is natural, and it's an easy problem to fix. Halfway through the microwave cycle, press pause. Take the egg out and gently turn it over. This will ensure the heat is evenly distributed so that the egg cooks thoroughly. When you do this, you still might notice that the eggs are overdone when you remove them from the cups. Again, totally normal and easy to fix. The second you take the eggs out of the microwave, grab a slotted spoon and take them out of the cups. They become overdone because they're still sitting and poaching in the water until they come out. You don't want to sacrifice the delights of a runny yolk!

Eating Your Poached Eggs the Right Way

The best way to eat poached eggs is, of course, with toast. But, contrary to popular belief, you shouldn't dump it on top of your toast. Near isn't on.If you stick your egg on top of the toast, you're going to wind up with residual cooking water all over the bread. This makes a soggy and disgusting meal. Instead, you want to put the egg on the plate with your toast and run a knife through it so the yolk runs out. Then, you have a nice runny yolk to dip your toast in. This keeps you in control of your eating and how the yolk is proportioned with the toast. Just make sure that toast is buttery if you want the best possible meal.

Other Plastic Poacher Uses

Some people think a plastic egg poacher is exclusively used for poaching eggs. While that's its primary purpose, it's not the only one. You can also use a DoubleWave egg poacher to fry up scrambled eggs. Scramble the eggs in a cup, cover them with the lid, and stick them in the microwave for 60 seconds. It'll come out fresh and perfectly textured. This is perfect for eating on its own. It also makes a mean egg sandwich if you stick it with cheese on an English muffin or bagel. If you want to go all-out, you can also make a mini omelet. Stick the other ingredients in with the egg that you scramble. Mushrooms, cheese, and bacon bits are some of our favorite options. Note that the ingredients will change the time you need to cook the eggs, so you'll need to experiment a little to figure it out. However, this trial-and-error process will ultimately get you the perfect egg, so it's well worth the effort.

Get Cracking (No Pun Intended)

Now that you know how to make a perfect breakfast with your microwave egg poacher, it's time to start cooking up something great. DoubleWave is committed to providing high-quality kitchenware to those who cook with microwaves in homes, apartments, and dorm rooms.Our products are widely loved for allowing fuss-free cooking, no-hassle cleaning, and delicious results. 

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