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1. Shipping methods?

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3. How to track my order?

Tracking number will be sent to you via email when the product is shipped.

4. Is DoubleWave designed to cook in an air fryer, oven, or other kitchen gadgets?

No, the DoubleWave is only designed for use with a microwave oven in the standard microwave operating mode.

5. How do I contact support?

Please click here, and fill out the form. We will be in touch with you as soon as we can!

6. What size microwave does the DoubleWave fit in?

The Doublewave is sized for standard microwave ovens that are 1.1 cubic feet or larger.

7. Is the DoubleWave dishwasher safe?  

Yes! However, we recommend handwashing with just soap and water for long-lasting use.

8. Is it safe to place bowls or smaller dishes on an unsupported part of the upper tray?

Yes, but we highly recommend that you center the objects on the upper tray for better balance and support.

9. What is the weight limit of the upper tray? 

The DoubleWave upper trap can withstand up to five pounds.

10. Can I cook popcorn with the DoubleWave?

Yes, but you will need to place the bag on a microwave-safe plate to prevent hot spots from the bag from pitting the surface.

11. How long should my food cook when using the microwave?

The short answer is…it depends, meaning the density, temperature, and type of food, along with the microwave oven’s power, will make a difference. A good rule of thumb is to take the time of warming or cooking one plate, divide that time in half, and then add it to the original time. For example, if it takes 3 minutes to warm one plate of food, add 1.5 minutes (1 minute, 30 seconds) and warm both plates for 4.5 minutes (4 minutes, 30 seconds).

12. I’m having challenges with food heating evenly on top and bottom trays; what do I do?

When heating or cooking for extended periods (greater than 3 minutes), it’s a great idea to swap the plates at the halfway point, for example, at 2 minutes if the cooking time is 4 minutes. This will help with ensuring even heating and enjoying hot meals together!

13. Can I cook two bowls of rice in the microwave with DoubleWave?  

Yes, and take advantage of the above guidelines to ensure even cooking on both trays. By the way, here are some great tips for cooking in a microwave oven.

14. Is it safe to use DoubleWave in the microwave oven?

Yes, cooking with a microwave is safe, and our product uses USDA-certified material, which is also Melamine-free and BPA-free. You can get additional information on the safety of cooking in a microwave oven here.

15. Can you cook on the DoubleWave surface? 

No, you cannot cook directly on the surface. You will need to use a plate or dish design specifically for cooking food in a microwave oven. For example, if you want to cook bacon or, even better, turkey bacon , in the microwave, you will want to use a product similar to Nordic Ware’s Compact Bacon Tray with Lid. Their bacon tray products for the microwave are amazing!

16. Are microwaves safe to use?

Microwaves are 100% safe to use. Did you know that your cellphone emits more radiation than your microwave does?

17. Is food made from scratch in the microwave safe to eat?

Yes! In fact, the microwave preserves more nutrients than other cooking methods according to studies by Harvard and Cornell!
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