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Mini DoubleWave™

Mini DoubleWave™

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The Mini DoubleWave is a dynamic and innovative new product that offers a unique permanent accessory to your microwave. Say goodbye to the days of the first plate getting cold while waiting to heat the second plate! Mini DoubleWave™ doubles the capacity of your microwave. Simple to assemble and use, Mini DoubleWave™ will become a welcome addition to any home with a microwave. Every kitchen needs one!

Mini DoubleWave™ can stay in your microwave at all times. The unique shape lets you fit multiple plates or drinks without maneuvering or removing. It works perfectly for evenly heating two plates, multiple bowls, or multiple drinks.  Save time with Mini DoubleWave

  • Fits in small and standard microwaves
  • Standard 10" plate or smaller fits on the Mini DoubleWave
  • Doubles the microwave capacity
  • Heat two plates at once (Enjoy hot meals and snacks together!)
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Heat beverages w/o removing from microwave
  • Rotates with the in-microwave platter for even heating
  • Made in the USA — fully operating in the United States, manufactured in Vancouver, Washington
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